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October 2015

by Marijn
7 Square Endeavor

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment signs for Rotterdam sustainability project

Signing agreement with Endeavour and seven Square municipality of Rotterdam during City Makers Congress Friday October 30th 2015 the international sustainability project seven Square Endeavor organizes  two activities during the City Makers Congress in the Rotterdam City Theatre. At 10:30 Initiators Bert Determine and Jeroen de Leeuw tell you about  the mission of the project through […]

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September 2015

by huffenreuter
7 Square Endeavor

Tour of Schouwburgplein September 24th 2015

Guided tour by 7 Endeavour Square on September 24 at 16:00 along the Schouwburgplein and the surrounding buildings. By means of clear examples the opportunities and challenges of the sustainability project are displayed. The tour is part of the Dutch Green Building Week (21 – 25 September), which is dedicated to sustainable building, housing, employment and sustainable area. Program From […]

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About 7 Square Endeavour

7 Square Endeavour is an international collaboration and sustainability project with a mission to prepare cities for the future. On a local scale the project anticipates worldwide urbanisation and the adverse consequences of this such as pollution, heat stress and flooding. One of the spearheads of the project is to manage energy in a smart and innovative way. The Schouwburgplein (the Schouwburg square) acts as an experimental area for new innovative technologies, cyclical processes and business models. The square in Rotterdam is the first in a series of seven worldwide.


The programme proposes solutions in several fields which include transport, environment, water supplies, urban planning, existing buildings and quality of life. Its focus is on integral solutions for energy management, cyclical processes and green-blue designs, i.e. smart grids, energy-generation, storage and exchange facilities, grey water, green roofs and other new technologies that can be applied by and for all the people who live, work and undertake leisure activities in this area. Besides helping to create a better environment, participation also offers economic advantages, such as savings on energy costs as a result of using less energy.
The Schouwburgplein offers a stage to share information about the progress of 7 Square Endeavour.

Het Schouwburgplein biedt een podium om verslag te doen van de voortgang van 7 Square Endeavour.


collaboration & participation

The collaboration and participation of all partners and stakeholders surrounding the area is essential and unique on a scale of this size. 7 Square Endeavour’s ambition is to link both existing and new initiatives, knowledge, interests and expertise with one another to bring about new developments.



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