World’s largest pop-up park opened on Schouwburgplein

On Wednesday, August 23, city councilor Joost Eerdmans opened the largest pop-up park in the world on Schouwburgplein. A big part of this pop up park, a flexible park that is seen as a subtle preview of how green the city can be, is Flying Grass Carpet 'the Giant'. The Flying Grass Carpet is the world's largest art park in the shape of a giant carpet. The carpet is no less than 3500 square meters and covers a large part of Schouwburgplein. This Giant is customized for Rotterdam by Hunk Design. The flower patterns refer to iconic Rotterdam buildings. Supplementing the Flying Grass Carpet are 150 bamboo bins and extra chairs on the square. The carpet has, in other forms, also been to city's as Berlin, Budapest, Madrid and Shenzhen (China). The carpet brings people together and stimulates meetings, but also creates global connectivity because the carpet literally and figuratively goes globally. Landing the Flying Grass Carpet on the square is an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam to make Schouwburgplein more accessible and to make it a nicer place to stay. 'The Giant' will remain on Schouwburgplein until September 2018. Photo: